Friday, August 27, 2010

School is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!

School is about to start and im hoping and praying our youth get it together... But before i get on the youth i have to start with the adults. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of us making sure we parent out kids. But there are some that want to send their kids off with out any proper home training no home cook meals and just a lack of respect for authority. And its spilling over into the classroom the kids that want to learn cant because the teachers are busy handling the unruly children. Now more so than ever before we have to be worried about our children safety at school as well. What i don't understand is WHY PEOPLE , why wont we take a little time and give love to these kids and show better examples if we did a lot of theses issue wouldst exist ... And if you were wondering want do home cooking have to do with a child behavior it has alot.. Because to have a home cook meal represents love. Now i know everyday there cant be a home cook meal but sometimes it can. . And when a child feels love their whole world is different.. Trust me i know.. Just ask my kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

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