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School is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!

School is about to start and im hoping and praying our youth get it together... But before i get on the youth i have to start with the adults. Don't get me wrong there are a lot of us making sure we parent out kids. But there are some that want to send their kids off with out any proper home training no home cook meals and just a lack of respect for authority. And its spilling over into the classroom the kids that want to learn cant because the teachers are busy handling the unruly children. Now more so than ever before we have to be worried about our children safety at school as well. What i don't understand is WHY PEOPLE , why wont we take a little time and give love to these kids and show better examples if we did a lot of theses issue wouldst exist ... And if you were wondering want do home cooking have to do with a child behavior it has alot.. Because to have a home cook meal represents love. Now i know everyday there cant be a home cook meal but sometimes it can. . And when a child feels love their whole world is different.. Trust me i know.. Just ask my kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are suppose to be jokes but this is really how alot of people feel ....

Ten Things I Don't Understand About Black People

>>> Casual Misanthropy
By staff writer JD Rebello
December 11, 2005

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But first, a disclaimer...

Listen. I’m not racist. So if you’re looking at the title and thinking, “Oh boy here he goes, get your ALCU handbooks and humorless views on life out, we’re writing a letter,” save it. Yes, I make my fair share of jokes about African-American Human Beings, but the way I see it, how am I any different from those Original Kings of Comedy-type whose entire schtick consists of variations of “White people walk like people walk like this...” jokes? I’m not.

Furthermore, if I’m allowed to say this shit unfettered, it provides yet another aspect of our culture that the two races have in common. Personally, I think of myself as a fucking pioneer. I like black people. I have black friends. I enjoyedBaby Boy. I’ve watched porn involving black people (either that or the lighting was bad). So in conclusion, if you read this column and still think I’m a racist, please don’t read me anymore. It’s that simple. Oh yeah, and go fuck yourself.

And away we go...

1. The N-word.

Let’s talk about it. I know it’s a horrible word, something akin to dropping the C-bomb around a chick. I guess what baffles me is it’s cool for blacks to say it to each other.

"Fashizzle my dizzle? C’mon Snoop, in 1993 that talk could get you killed in the LBC. I’m disappointed, black guys, that you let this happen on your watch."To continue my parallel, isn’t this something like one girl saying to the other: “Oh is that Sarah? Is that my cunt Sarah? Cunt, get over here! Damn cunt how you been? It’s been ages.” They don’t. Now fine, you consider it a sign of solidarity and that’s cool. (By the way, I loved being able to write “cunt” that many times and it’s not even all that offensive given the context.) I guess my question is: I know whites shouldn’t say it to blacks, but is it okay if we say it to other whites? Like if I met my white friend Timmy and was like, “Hey nigga, want to go to the Gap? No don’t invite Steve. I hate that nigga. Oh nigga please.” Can I say that without black guys giving me the old stink-eye? I think that should be okay. But I figured I’d get the “it’s all good” from you first.

2. Why are black girls so damned loud?

The reason I ask is I’m afraid the affirmative action people are going to get involved with espionage, and now we got Monique and Shaniqua sneaking into Kim Jong Il’s palace in the middle of the night and suddenly being all, “OH SCHNAP. MOTHERFUCKER I BROKE A MOTHERFUCKING NAIL! SHANIQUA CHECK THIS MOTHERFUCKING SHIT OUT!” I’m just concerned for the welfare of this country.

3. Black guys, do you really like white girls or do you do that just to piss white guys off?

Because, I’ve had this happen where a cute white chick gets with some crazy ghetto black dude. And it pisses me off. Not that I’m against interracial dating, that’s fine. I just wonder, because black girls don’t really like white guys. You have to realize, too, white girls are kind of insane. Seriously, they spend ridiculous amounts of money on The OC DVDs, I don’t think they truly understand the plight of the black man.

4. Are you guys really still mad about slavery?

I mean, geez it was over a hundred years ago. And it’s not like you personally were held slaves. Yeah, slavery sucked but Jews still don’t piss and moan about the Holocaust. Shouldn’t there be a statute of limitations on bitching about something that happened over a century ago and not even directly to you?

Okay don’t look at me like this wasn’t going to get insensitive at some point. Sometimes we have to confront the hard questions here at Casual Misanthropy.

Did you really spend $200 on shoes?

And what does Avirex mean? Those seem like awfully big pants, is that really necessary? Do you spend more on laundry? How come you guys don’t have to fold the bill on your baseball hats? And why is the tag still on there? Sorry, I’m trying to get as many questions in as possible. Please don’t hate me. I love black people. Fresh Prince!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Korean Nail Shop Owner To Fat Black Woman “Extra $5-Dolla, Don’t Bring Fat Tail Here Nooo More!” [Video]

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Mary J. Blige & Swizz Beatz In Studio With Message To All Of You! [Video]

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Chad Ochcocinco’s Relationship With Evelyn Is Ruining The Ultimate Becky Show

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Evelyn & Chad

People over at VH1 aren’t happy over the Becky bandit Chad Ochocinco’s new relationship with Basketball Wife, Evelyn Lozada.

Chad is constantly tweeting about his dating life — but since it has nothing to do with his VH1 dating show, sources told TMZ … the network is none too pleased. Ochocinco has been dating Evelyn Lozada (of VH1′s “Basketball Wives”) for the past several months … and he has made no secret of their relationship (just check his Twitter once in a while). Things are so serious between the two, Chad might be popping up on her show next season.

Sources close to the couple say VH1 is pissed at Ochocinco about the relationship because the network doesn’t like the “spoiler” that Ochocinco doesn’t end up with anyone on his show, The Ultimate Catch.

A rep for VH1 toldTMZ, “We cannot comment on possible story lines regarding a series currently airing or in production.”

Sunday, August 15, 2010


We must stop given away are soul for sex. We must start to protect our self i dont know about you but there is no amount of love making that is good enough to give MY LIFE FOR IT.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

HIV/AIDS among African Americans
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The HIV/AIDS epidemic in African American communities is a continuing public health crisis for the United States. At the end of 2006 there were an estimated 1.1 million people living with HIV infection, of which almost half (46%) were black/African American [1]. While blacks represent approximately 12 percent of the U.S. population, they continue to account for a higher proportion of cases at all stages of HIV/AIDS—from infection with HIV to death with AIDS—compared with members of other races and ethnicities [2, 3].

The Numbers

HIV/AIDS in 2007

  • Blacks accounted for 51% of the 42, 655 (including children) new HIV/AIDS diagnoses in 34 states with long-term, confidential name-based HIV reporting [3].
  • Blacks accounted for 48% of the 551,932 persons*(including children) living with HIV/AIDS in 34 states with long-term, confidential name-based HIV reporting [3].
  • For black women living with HIV/AIDS, the most common methods of transmission were high-risk heterosexual contact** and injection drug use [3].
  • For black men living with HIV/AIDS, the most common methods of HIV transmission were (in order) [3]:
    • sexual contact with other men
    • injection drug use
    • high-risk heterosexual contact**.

AIDS in 2007

  • Blacks accounted for 49% of the estimated 35,962 AIDS cases diagnosed in the 50 states and the District of Columbia [3].
  • In 2007, the rates of AIDS diagnoses decreased among blacks but were still higher than the rates of any other race/ethnicity. The rate of AIDS diagnoses for black adults/adolescents were 10 times the rate for whites and nearly 3 times the rate for Hispanics. The rate of AIDS diagnoses for black women was 22 times the rate for white women. The rate of AIDS diagnoses for black men was almost 8 times the rate for white men [3].
  • Blacks accounted for 44% of the 455,636* people living with AIDS in the 50 states and District of Columbia [3].
  • By the end of 2007, 40% of the 562,793* persons with AIDS who died were black [3].

Top books for the month

Good Book !!!!!!!!!!!
This is my next read this is also my favorite author i have read all his books!!!!!!!!
This book is good and will have you thinking!!!!!!!!
Paula is the truth in the kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This book is GOOD its a one day reader!!!!!!!!!

Oral Sin

Your eye candy is my Preparation
When you slide your fingers through my opening
And feel my anticipation,
Playing with my triangle as if it were purely recreation
Knowing that MY climaxing is our only destination.
You feel my motivation
And place your head between my thighs.
Autographing my insides with your tongue
Vigorously writing, the closer you become
Closer to that which fills me and keeps me together as one.
When the joy of my nectar begins to run down
Into your mouth, your tongue will drown
From touching my inner walls within
Filling your mouth with the sweet savoriness of sin.

Written by Jessica Ammons

Friday, August 13, 2010

God is Real YALL

God is real this is true how do i know this you ask? I have never seen him, never talk to him but i know he is real. I feel his presence when I'm lonely, when i scared, when I'm happy and when I'm sad.He has bless me in every way i can think of. I still have work i need to do on me but I'm getting there. I know I'm not the person i use to be. Sometimes we get so caught up in our relationship,job and kids we forget to give him praise. He has bless me with 5 beautiful kids.I guess all i can say is i know god is real because i have FAITH.

my summer

I went to Memphis this summer and had a BALL!!!!!!!!!! Yea Memphis got it going on but what made the trip soooooo much fun was the company i had my two sisters(friends) we had no drama just 3 women having fun. I want to thank Kesha and Kasha for being in my life for over 20years. They are truly my family. I hope that everyone has someone in their life that they can call up and talk to for hours or be in a car for hours and not kill each And whats so special about it all is we are in each life simply because we choose to.... Love you ladies....


Memphis Trip with my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

50 Cent Goes Mel Gibson On Shyne Po’s Conference Call “F*ck Shyne And F*ck Def Jam (BDR)” [Video]

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Shyne Reacts To 50 Cent: “F*ck This Dude, He’s A Stalker… Go Take Some Steroids!!!”

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50 Cent and Shyne

Two days ago, 50 Cent put his two cents in and interrupted Shyne’s Def Jam media and DJ conference call via phone and UStream. Once Shyne figured out it was OI’ Bugsy, he gets with MTV News to speak on what he thought was going on but to say that 50 Cent is an informant turned witness protection program dude…

That’s a bit much, Federal Government Wouldn’t Have Any Parts of That!!!

“Wow. That’s like an all-time low. I didn’t know he was so desperate. He’s gone from confidential informant, witness-protection program dude, getting order [of protection] on muthaf**kas. Now he’s a stalker. I was in shock. He called up saying he was ‘Jamal from Harlem.’ He didn’t call up saying he’s Curtis Jackson, Hawaii 5-0. He’s a busta. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe he would stoop to that low. Then again, a guy in the witness-protection program, he has no shame.

You know how it is. When you do these things, you always gotta expect a muthaf**ka to call and he might be disgruntled. We took it as another disgruntled person. ‘Cause you know, I don’t know what his voice sounds like. I don’t listen to nothing he do. If we on the yard, and they put his video on, they change the TV in the yard. I don’t jack that dude on no level. I don’t know what his voice sound like. But somebody at Def Jam caught him. He’s been reaching out to one of my generals in the street begging for peace. He caught his voice too. It was after the fact.

I thought it was somebody who was having a bad day, who wanted to know the situation. It wasn’t until after everything was finished, muthaf**kas at Def Jam was like, ‘That was Boo-Boo. That was Hawaii 5-0.’ I was like, ‘No. No.’ Then he put the [video] out, like he was talking reckless. He’s a creep. Any of my comments have been honest comments. These dudes do anything, I don’t give a f**k. It never bothered me. The fact that he’s sitting in New York, selling his Vitamin Water, listening to my Ustream. What the f**k? You’re stalking me. Go take some steroids. Find something to do.”