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F*ck A Thug: NBA’er Lorenzen Wright’s Connection To Memphis Drug Kingpin Possible Cause Of Murder????

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It has now been determined that Lorezen Wright was indeed murdered and now more details are emerging connecting Wright with a kingpin in his hometown of Memphis: has obtained court documents detailing a transaction between Lorenzen Wright and an admitted associate of accused Memphis drug kingpin Craig Petties. The documents show in 2008, Wright sold two luxury cars, a Cadillac SUV and Mercedes Benz to a man named Bobby Cole. At the time Cole was indicted on drug distribution charges in a case in Atlanta and admitted to FBI agents that he was associated with a drug ring connected to Petties. The cars were ultimately seized by the government.

Wright’s body was found in a field, hundreds of yards away from a road often traveled. His body was behind a group of bushes where black marks remain after days of decomposition. Memphis Police say Wright, a hometown hero and 13 year NBA veteran was shot to death. Detectives spent the day interviewing several people including Herb Wright, Lorenzen’s father. Herb Wright was met by officers outside the Criminal Justice Center. Investigators also spoke with those who saw Wright days before he went missing.

Info on Craig Petties:

In the years that followed, authorities say, he moved to Mexico and, working with a branch of one of that country’s most notorious cartels, operated a trafficking empire that funneled hundreds of kilos of cocaine and more than a ton of marijuana into Tennessee and other states. The enterprise has been described as one of the largest and most ruthless such businesses ever uncovered in the region.

The story of Petties’ alleged rise from petty drug peddler to international trafficker illustrates how the drug business works and Memphis’ role as a distribution hub. It also shows how an enterprise built on American demand for marijuana and cocaine can spread violence and mayhem from Mexico all the way to middle-class Memphis suburbs.

While in Mexico — a nation wracked by drug-related violence — Petties allegedly was ordering the killings of rivals, suspected informants and others in the Memphis area.

The victims include a 28-year-old man who was shot and killed in his garage near Shelby Drive and Hacks Cross while his young children were in the home. Later, assassins executed two men in a car in Hickory Hill, and fatally wounded a man in an afternoon shooting in a restaurant. In all, the 50-count federal indictment accuses Petties of conspiracy in six murders, as well as an assortment of racketeering charges.

Perhaps Lorezen’s interaction with this shady Petties fellow got him killed. SMH. We still don’t understand why these athletes who have absolutely nothing to lose, get involved in this type of ish. F*ck a thug, man!!


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