Friday, February 12, 2010


I guess its true what they say age brings wisdom because the older i get the more i clearer l see things. My twenties were like one big fog. And now at 30+ my defroster is on. And with this new found clarity comes responsibility,because i know better now. Which means i have to change a lot of things . I even have to let go of some people(thats the hard one) i find myself looking for my life purpose more i here for a special reason i haven't found out what it is yet but i will. I cant waste any more of Gods time. You see god has had my back since day one and really gods has been my best friend .my mother gave me up as a child and God put it on my Grandmothers heart to raise me. That women loved me i still fell her love 9 years after her death. Now i know how real love should feel thanks to her and i give it to my kids and hopefully they will give it to their kids. I guess i was wrong to hold a grudge against my mother because she put me in the best of hands. So i know gods loves me.. Dont get me wrong i have had my share of heartache. So PLEASE dont ever think that you are not loved my god because you go threw things. Those are your test you when you get through it you will have your testimony. I use to be sacred of aging but now im like bring it on. I getting better my way of thinking is getting better.

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