Friday, October 9, 2009

I just want to say to every women out there you can over come anything. There is nothing we cant do but ladies we have to love our self's enough to let somethings and people go ...If you have a man in your life and he not treating you right let him go, If you have a child take the time to talk and listen to them,Dont let know one bring you down,if you have freinds around you thats not right let them go and ladies we have to stop trying to sleep with our friends men i will never understand that one...... you cant love your self if you would risk a friendship over a man that's worth nothin. we have to support each other more. Stop all the jealousy and hating yes i said hating on each other. And lets raise our children better,lets stop depending on men... ladies all we need is love and god and trust all that other stuff will come. So what ever heart ache you are feeling get on your knees and give it to god...get up dust your knees off and keep it moving because that's what we do. Since the beginning of time we been making something out of nothing and today no different. So lets get it in ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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